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The Unfranchise Business System - What is it all about?

The Unfranchise Business is a SYSTEM.  It’s a system because the sum of it’s whole is much greater than the individual parts or components that make up the Unfranchise Business.  Now that may just sound like a “cliché”, but it is the way you need to consider the value of the business. 

It’s called a business, yet it’s really designed as a financial planning system to generate income and wealth, similar to more traditional financial plans like a 401k or stock/mutual fund investment.  Most people understand the concept of investing or saving for the future so when you stop working and earning money, you have a financial plan that will provide you with cash flow to live your life.  That’s the purpose for the Unfranchise Business System.

The difference between the Unfranchise Business System and the other Financial Planning Systems is the source of the funding that powers them.  With all the other financial plans, you must take any discretionary income (money left over after taxes – paying bills – spending money on “things) and investing your money in the financial plan of your choice.  The money other people invest in their own financial plans has no impact on your financial plan.  You often pay someone or a company to manage your invested money which reduces the returns and value of your investment .  You also are at the mercy of the ever-changing market fluctuations that cause the value of your hard-earned money to rise and fall without you controlling it.  The person “managing” your investment makes money just by you giving it to them to invest as a % of it’s value and when they buy or sell components of your portfolio.  They can make money whether your investment goes up or down – it’s based on transaction fees of buying and selling.

The Unfranchise Business System has a totally unique way to fund the financial growth and cash flow it generates.  We all spend money on the activities we do and the things we spend money on in order to survive.  This “spending” is the source of funding for the Unfranchise Business System.  To make the System even more powerful to create exponential growth without needing to make or spend more money yourself, the Unfranchise Business uses collaborative digital aggregation technology (think a Large Buying Group)  to combine the spending of other people together to be the source of the funding for this financial plan. 

It’s the most powerful System to grow an investment without needing large sums of discretionary income to create an ongoing residual income – the purpose of all the other financial plans we have discussed.  It’s available to everyone.  In fact, everyone is already doing what is required to make this Financial Planning System work – they spend money and know other people that do the same.  So why do some people struggle with this incredible concept?

There may be numerous reasons, but the one being highlighted in this document is simply how people think of this System compared to the other things they are more familiar with.  When people initially learn of something new, they usually try to compare it to something they already know and then assess the differences between them.  This seems rational and helps people to comprehend a new concept.  The issue is that the Unfranchise Business System is not like any other system that has ever been created or available to people.  BUT – it has components of it that are similar to other things people are familiar with.  This is what prevents some people from grasping the full value of the Unfranchise Business System.

The first thing this document presented was that the sum value of the Unfranchise Business System was greater than the individual components of the business.  If a person can’t or won’t come to trust and believe in this concept, they will struggle with understanding it and making it work for them.  It requires an open mind and willingness to learn something new – not always an easy thing.

Let’s take a look at the two most common components of the Unfranchise Business System that people usually compare to things they are familiar with:
2)    Buying personal use & consumption products

Many people are now familiar with Amazon.com – the leader in on-line shopping.  Amazon.com has done a fantastic job of creating a method of shopping that people use for a variety of products.  They have a desirable delivery system, attractive pricing, and a large breadth of products to purchase. 

Shop.com is the On-line Shopping component of the Unfranchise Business System.  It has a large breadth of products to purchase, enables people to shop from the exact stores and brands they like, flexible delivery options from the stores, offers quick local pick-up, and includes deals on may things including travel -hotels - food, AND it pays customers Cashback on their purchases.  For Unfranchise Owners, it creates an income stream from these purchases based on a unique collaborative commission program.

So, what’s the issue?  First, we do not try to compare the Unfranchise Business System to Amazon.com.  They are totally different things for completely different purposes.  Amazon.com is a way to buy things.  Shop.com is one component of the Unfranchise Business System that creates an ongoing residual income – a financial plan.  Why would someone compare the two?  Because shopping online is something they are familiar with so it’s natural to focus on what they are comfortable with and avoid what they are not – the full concept of the Unfranchise Business System.  If all you are looking for is a well-known and efficient shopping site – Amazon.com is a great option.  It just will never create an ongoing income from the money you, or anyone else, spends buying things. Unless your Jeff Bezos.  He is the richest man in the world because he is working his business system for his personal financial gain from your spending.  The Unfranchise Business System puts you in a system that creates wealth for you.

As for the direct comparison between Amazon.com and Shop.com, I have found that sometimes Amazon.com has better pricing and delivery options on specific items and sometimes Shop.com has better pricing.  But that’s not the point.  That’s why we do not spend time trying to win this argument.  Amazon.com simply can not come close to what the Unfranchise Business System – with Shop.com as one component can provide people – Time & Financial Freedom.

The second main area people make a direct comparison is buying personal use & consumption products.  The Unfranchise Business System has a Product Brokerage component that offers Market America branded products in a variety of large personal use & consumption markets.  Most people already purchase products in these markets.  The make buying decisions based on a brand they like, pricing, or from recommendations they receive from other people.  They are very familiar with many of these products, so it is natural to want to compare the MA Branded products to the other ones they have can purchase.  This is another area where people may experience a challenge embracing the Unfranchise Business System.

A portion of the products that people by often are more of a commodity in nature.  It may be dish soap, hand soap, laundry detergent, cleaning solutions, toothpaste, deodorant, etc…  Ok – every brand and company do their absolute best to use effective Marketing to distinguish their specific product as superior to all others.  While I will admit there can be differences between these commodity-based products, for all intents and purposes – they are mostly very similar.  This includes the Market America branded products as well.  Yes, the MA branded products are designed with optimal formulations and ingredients.  In the end – it’s basically soap, detergent, cleaning solutions, toothpaste, and deodorant. 

The price of the MA branded products are often more expensive than other brands people can buy.  So, if these products we are discussing here (only a small subset of the total products available from Market America) are commodity based, pricing becomes an important factor in the buying decision.  Why should they be priced higher and why should anyone pay for more for them? 

For sake of argument, let’s assume that the MA Branded products are at least “acceptable” compared to other brands.  I’m not going to try and “sell” the advantages of these MA Branded products for a moment.  The reason that people should purchase these products is because they are part of the Unfranchise Business System that creates an ongoing residual income.  Buying these products is like taking discretionary income and putting it into your 401k or other financial plan.  They may cost more because the money you are spending is doing more than just getting you the product to use or consume.  The pricing level is built into the funding requirements for the Unfranchise Business financial planning System.  There needs to be enough profitability built into each products price to be able to fund your financial plan and all the other Unfranchise Owners you are digitally connected to.  You will make much more than the pricing differences.

When you really look at the issue from a financial planning perspective, the Unfranchise Business System has advantages that no other online shopping site, cheaper brands of products, or financial plan can come close to delivering.  No one creates wealth by buying products from Amazon.com – even if they are cheaper.  No one saves their way to Time & Financial Freedom by buying the cheapest products they can find.  You can’t save your way to residual income.  You need leverage and a financial system to create wealth.

The smallest weekly commission check an Unfranchise Owner gets paid is $300.  It is not very challenging to build your business to this level, as long as you actually follow the proven business System that has empowered thousands and thousands of people to earn this and considerably more for over 27 years.  It takes a different mindset.  It’s a new concept that must be embraced in order to make the System work for you.  If you try to take the individual components out of the Unfranchise Business System and make a direct comparison of only the parts individually and not the System as a whole, you are minimizing the value and capability of what the System provides. 

There is much more to the Unfranchise Business than discussed in this blog but without embracing the core concept for the business they won’t matter.  You must first understand and appreciate the whole System in order to develop the vision for how it is superior to all other “Systems” you’re familiar with.  Learn this System and you can create the Time & Financial Freedom you desire.

If interested in learning more, please contact us.

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