Monday, December 31, 2018

A Perspective on 2018 and Looking Ahead to Great Success in 2019 w/ DeSocial Connector

By now, you have probably received your share of Happy New Year wishes and email newsletters providing great advice on how to start the new year off on a positive and successful note.    As soon as the Christmas and Chanukah holidays are over, the next focus is the New Year ahead.

2018 was a challenging year from me personally and professionally in a good way.  But through adversity, I learned how to navigate through the bumps in life by always looking ahead and not to dwell on the past.   I made some mistakes, but rather looking at them from a negative perspective, I learn and spin it into a positive outcome.

Through my various business ventures, I am involved with Health/Wellness, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Business Networking.  What I like to do is provide a tip for each venture for you to focus on in 2019.

Health/Wellness:    Exercise in the morning whether it is at home, at the gym or going for a run and take a multi-vitamin supplement.

By exercising in the morning, you are kick starting your day by being less stressed, more alert, and full of positive energy.   If you wait till after work, you are more likely to skip working out and go through a stressful day.   I have noticed since I have been exclusively working out in the morning,  I have leveraged my time for resulting producing activities in the evening.

Finally, take a multi-vitamin supplement in the morning.    By taking a good vitamin, you are strengthening your immune system and will allow your body to recover from your workout and the stresses of the previous day.   Unfortunately, most food today and especially your breakfast cereal do not have the vitamins you need to get through the day.

Digital Marketing:   Keep it positive and offer advice to your social media connections.

Unfortunately events in 2018 brought out the worst in people especially with the political situation going on and it was reflected in the social media posts..  Social Media has exposed the worst side of the First Amendment.

Going into 2019, follow a simple strategy, if what you like to post is negative and can offend anyone, do not post it.  It is that simple.   Instead post something that is positive and encouraging.   If you have a skill such as financial advice or how to exercise, provide some tips for your connections.

Entrepreneurship:  Even if you have a day job, start a side business.

You hear the stats all the time.  3 out of 4 millionaires have multiple streams of income or no job is safe anymore.   We are now in an entrepreneur economy and we are not going back.   The days of working 9 to 5 at the same job and then going home to watch TV or have a hobby and expecting Social Security and that 401k to cover retirement are OVER.   I experience it all the time, good friends of mine at the same job for years and years and they look at me like I am some crazy unstable person with multiple ventures and going from job to job.   But that is today's reality.

Do you have a hobby or a drive to dictate what you earn.  Do you want to have control of your own financial destiny?   If so, start a side business alongside your day job.  It is that simple.  With the internet today, you can do anything from anywhere.   What the side business will allow you to do is build another income that can be used toward retirement or investments such as real estate while the day job pays the bills.   There are so many options out there for side businesses whether it is consulting or network marketing or even owning a traditional business.   If you like, contact me if you like to discuss some options.

Business Networking:  Go to networking events even if you have never been and make friends.

Just like I mentioned in the entrepreneur section of my blog, we are in a different economy now.  The traditional way to connect with people and to look for work has changed.   Gone are the days of looking through a newspaper or on for your next opportunity.   You have to network at events to meet professionals and build great relationships.  It is extremely likely that your next opportunity will come from someone you met at a networking event.

Everyone at networking events are there for the same reason, to meet professionals and build relationships with like minded professionals.  So with the new year upon us, make 2019 the year you attend at least one networking event a month and build that contact list.   Linkedin is the best social network to track the people you meet and stay connected to them.  Finally, join my group on Facebook and contact me if you need help getting started in the world of business networking.
So hopefully,  I was able to provide some great tips to start the year for you.  It will be exciting year ahead with lots of great change.  Let's connect and help each other out and be successful together!

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