Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Running An IT Organization Is Like Running A Business

With the changing dynamics of Information Technology today,  IT Professionals need to take a different approach to their work than in the past.  

In the past, if you were in IT, you were that geek with a tool belt that loved spending weekends taking their IBM computer apart and putting it back together.  The IT Geek also had their own "data center" in their garage, complete with a couple of networks, a SQL Server and a couple of Weblogic servers.

In a company setting, the IT group was looked at as a bunch of introverted, cranky people that sat in the basement of their company and considered a business process to be some kernel running on a UNIX server.   Most companies shoved their IT team under the Finance group, since all IT was is a cost to the company with no value and/or revenue to the bottom line.

Something happened to Information Technology around 5-10 years ago that became a commonplace for startups as well as established Fortune 500 companies.    IT departments became service departments, technology solved business problems and IT professionals became cool.   Cloud Computing was the norm, not a buzz work, organizations took ITIL seriously to help streamline business and technology processes.    Servers were now called Services.

I have been in IT for over 25 years now and have adapted to the changing dynamics to my profession.   In addition to my IT career, I have tapped into social media/internet marketing, entrepreneurship and business networking.   I went from IT Geek to a extroverted business professional and have no problem talking to people.   I am not your typical IT professional.

I started looking at my IT team as a "company" that provided technology services to my customers (other departments at my company).  Called it DeSocio Technology Services.  

I mentored my team to take the sales approach to solving technology issues.   A customer makes a request, the technician makes the initial call to acknowledge that they received the request, the technician assesses the issue and implements a solution.   For the next step, the technician would follow-up with the customer and assure that all questions and details are accounted for and then document the outcome of the request.    The team would continue to follow-up with their customers on a regular basis to build a working relationship, understand the business and be more proactive to technology needs.    A customer survey would be forwarded to the requester who would provide honest feedback about the IT Service that was provided.

Sounds like a sales approach, huh?   Well, it is.   The changing dynamic is that IT Professionals are constantly selling their services and knowledge but also have to have the personal approach in supporting their customers.   If they don't, they will be replaced.

Running an IT Organization is Like Running a Business.   I know since I do both.   If your IT group doesn't perform up to expectations, your group will be out of business and/or replaced.  That is a fact. 

So if you are in IT, get out of your basement, put the Dell Server aside, go to a networking event and become an extrovert.  It will take your career to the next level and you will understand why a sales approach is important in today's IT business world.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Why Linkedin Is King When It Comes to Prospecting & Building Relationships

Just think, it's 1995, you have a business and you had to generate leads and increase sales or else your business fails.   So what do you do?

You get on the phone and dial for dollars hoping at least one person will not hang up on you.

Or you spend thousands of dollars for an advertisement in the local paper or a 30-second commercial on the local radio or TV Station.

Nothing like working harder for little gain.

It's 2017, cold-calling is about as advanced as a Blackberry.

Advertising?   Now it is Facebook Advertising or Google Advertising.   A much more advanced and engaged way to advertise your products & services.    The issue, social media advertising costs money, sometimes lots of money.

Enter Linkedin - the king of social media when it comes to prospecting leads and increase sales.

Here are a few ideas for you to use Linkedin to prospect leads more effectively, without costing a dime, except your time.    The focus on using the tools Linkedin provides you to increase social media engagement between you and potential leads.

  • Linkedin is a huge, never-ending networking event so you would like to have a great 30-second commercial and include it in the Summary Statement in your profile.  If something like this isn't in your Linkedin Profile, you're at a competitive disadvantage.
  • If you invest a minute or so each working day clicking the "Connect" button on the "People You May Know" list that Linkedin posts in your feed, you will broaden your network.
  • Ask for introductions to people you don't not know via a 1st Level Connection, before requesting to connect to them.    Don't be one of those "LIONs"  Linkedin Open Networker!
  • Build you Leads List spending five minutes a day investigating the connections of your contacts to see who you don't know personally, but like to meet.
  • Follow and monitor your connection's Company Page.   It is great conversation starter with your connections to discuss what is happening with their companies.
  • Post an update each day that is educational and adds value to your connections.  DO NOT SELL when you post updates.
  • Spend five minutes a day joining relevant groups.  Groups are a great way to add value to others, share insights, and build out your network with prospects.
  • Recognize the accomplishments of others by posting a message to them and tagging their name.
  • Spend five minutes a day to write a recommendation for a connection or client.   Don't wait for someone to write a recommendation for you.  Take the initiative!
If you have any questions, follow our company page for AIMC Business Solutions and let's build our leads list together!

Monday, January 9, 2017

So You Think You Are an Entrepreneur? Really?

So you think you are an entrepreneur?

You claim to want to live your life under your own terms.

You have control of your financial destiny.

You have an amazing dream board detailing where you want to be.

You own a growing business that everyone wants a piece of.  Even Shark Tank called you.

Life is great.   Right?


Entrepreneurs have a thick skin, have gone through the worst rejection and have sometime hit rock bottom.  Some lived in their cars and were on public assistance!  

At the end of it all, they never quit.  They learned from their mistakes and moved on.

Entrepreneurs make a lot of mistakes.  Whether it is creating a bad product, entering into a bad business affiliation, or investing in a bad real estate deal.     However, they learn from their mistakes and some end up succeeding in their business venture.

Statistics out there state that only 5% of professionals are entrepreneurs.  Real Entrepreneurs.

The other 95% make their living in corporate America only or splitting their time in corporate and moonlighting as an entrepreneur.

Why do people "moonlight" as an entrepreneur?   Simply, it is the fear of the unknown.   They wonder what life would be like without a steady paycheck.

Do you want to know?   Ask the 5%.

So what does the 5% do that makes them an entrepreneur.

They work their ass off.

They never give up.

They network like crazy.

They have goals that turn into an action plan.

They consistently follow their action plan every single day.

They have passion in what they do.

They are positive.

Most of all, they take risks and know how to handle rejection.

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your life.  After all, you are only put on this earth once.

So what are the rewards of being an entrepreneur?

Personal and Spiritually -  Entrepreneurs are positive happy giving people always willing to help others.

Financially -  3 out of 4 entrepreneur/business owners are millionaires versus 1 in 10000 corporate employees.

Experience - Entrepreneurs has been there and done that.   They have gone through crisis after crisis that the 95% have never been through.  They have mentors to rely on.

So do you think you are an entrepreneur?  If so, join the club and let's be successful together.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Health & Wellness New Years Resolution For You - Fitness - Supplements - Diet - Mindset

By now you should have a great idea what you are focusing on with the new year upon us.   Chances are, you would like to improve your health especially after eating all of those sweets during the holiday season.

When creating that old health & wellness new year resolution, it is not just eating healthy or going to the gym.   A well-rounded health & wellness objective plan is key to great health.

A great New Years Resolution should consist of the following objectives:
- A Fitness & Exercise Goal & Action Plan
- A Diet, and if needed a Weight Management Goal & Action Plan
- A Supplementation Plan
- Positive Mindset

So let's break down each objective:

- Fitness:     If you have never exercised, the first thing is to run it by your physician that you would like to start an exercise program and if approved, get an expert to help you,  The worst thing you want is to get hurt or complicate your health if you are on medications for other conditions.    Start with walking and light exercise to get your muscles used to movement and then progressively work toward more intense exercise.   If you are trying to lose weight, more reps and less weight.  If you are trying to gain weight, more weight and less reps.  Take short breaks between sets (under 30 seconds).  If you take too long of a break, it reduces the effect of the exercise program.   Finally, work out in the morning.  It helps reduce stress and increased mindset to get through the day.

- Diet:   The old saying that you need to eat less to lose weight is actually a myth.  Skipping meals is the worst thing you can do for better health.   The key is to eat small meals with a combo of dark vegetables and lean protein.   It is ok to have a healthy snack such as an apple in between meals.   If you have a hard time losing weight, you may need to go on weight loss program but it is always good to try out simply eating good foods low on sugar and less dairy and monitor your weight.  Here is a great guideline for some good Power Foods to add to your grocery list.

- Supplementation:   Back in the day, if you ate healthy natural foods, the thinking was that you really don't need vitamin supplements.   Unfortunately, the food today is more processed and unnatural than ever.   Even the soil used to grow food at your local farm is not as natural due to the chemicals used.   Since food today simply doesn't contain the vitamins you need, a supplement is a must for great health.  Selecting a supplement that is effective takes some research.     Supplements are absorbed in your small intestine and the nutrients are distributed into your blood stream.  So when selecting a supplement, liquid is best since a pill or tablet will need to break down in your stomach and are full of unnatural fillers.  The delivery system is important since you would want a vitamin supplement that is bio-degradable and enters your blood stream as soon as possible.   Think about this, you take your vitamins in the morning, you would want to get that boost of nutrients right away and not wait for a pill to break down in your stomach.   Finally, take your vitamins EVERY DAY so your body consistently gets the nutrients it needs to strengthen your immune system and maintain great health.   It does not make sense to skip days.

- Positive Mindset:  The most important objective of all.   Consistency, Determination and Perseverance are words to live by when it comes to your health.   Keep a journal to track your exercise program, diet plan and supplementation plan.    By dedicating the beginning of each day toward your health, you will reward yourself with getting through the toughest days with ease.    Personally after taking my vitamins and going to gym, I noticed I look at the day ahead with excitement and positive energy.  You can too if you have the determination to be healthy.   So set your goal to think positively every day!

That is it.  Yes, it is hard work to stay healthy, but it is worth it!   Please let me know how you are doing and if you need any help setting up a plan for your health!

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