Monday, March 20, 2017

The Power of Linkedin in 20 Quick Tips

With more than 450 million members, Linkedin (now owned by Microsoft) is the most popular social network for professionals and one of the top social networks overall.

With new social networks sprouting up constantly, Linkedin is the platform that often gets underutilized or put on the back burner.  But the truth is, Linkedin can be extremely powerful, especially when you're aware of all the platform's hidden features that don't get nearly as much attention as they deserve.

Before we jump to the 20 Quick Tips, how about a little background on Linkedin.

Linkedin was launched in 2003 and is currently the third most popular network in terms of unique monthly visitors, right behind Facebook and Twitter.  Linkedin is Facebook with more professional features.  The social network is primarily centered about careers, entrepreneurs and sales professionals.   Linkedin enables users to connect and share content with other professionals, including colleagues as well as potential employers, business partners and new employees.   If you are a business on Linkedin, it can be also a fantastic marketing tool!

So are you ready for some Linkedin tips?

1. Customize your public profile URL - use your name in your public profile so people can find you.

2. Add a Linkedin background photo to your personal profile - this gives your Linkedin profile a little more personality.

3. Create a profile badge for your personal website or blog.

4. Search engine optimize your Linkedin Profile - Add keywords to various sections of your profile such as your headline or in your summary.

5. Add, remove, and rearrange entire sections of your profile - Linkedin enables you to reorder entire sections of your profile in any way you prefer.

6. Take advantage of Saved Searches - Linkedin allows users to save up to ten job searches and three people searches.

7. Quickly convert your Linkedin profile into a resume - Linkedin comes with a Resume Building Tool.

8. Get endorsed for your skills - Enable users to endorse their connections for skills they've listed in the Skills section of their profile.

9. Check your network updates regularly - This is your newsfeed similar to Facebook.

10. Check out who's viewed your Linkedin profile -  Has someone been checking your profile that you might want to connect with?

11. Export Your Connections to a file - Did you know you can export your Linkedin Connections to a CSV file and manage and import to your email contacts?

12. Leverage the Perks of Linkedin Groups -  Linkedin allows you to send up to 15 messages to fellow group members per month..

13. Share Your Linkedin Status updates on Twitter - simply add your Twitter account to Linkedin and sync them.

The following tips are for businesses -

14. Optimize Your Linkedin Company Page - use all features of the Company Page and use key words!

15. Create targeted Linkedin Showcase Pages - use to promote specific products and services to a niche audience.

16. Use Linkedin Pulse to keep track of industry news - this is better than reading a magazine!

17. Use Linkedin to Generate Leads - post content and share links to your blog posts and landing pages and add a "call to action" to generate a great lead.

18. Create your own industry Linkedin Group and Join other relevant Groups - establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

19. Recruit new talent via Linkedin Careers - continue to keep your Company Page up to date with new opportunities.

20. Analyze your Linkedin Marketing Performance - use the Analytics tab in Company Pages to see what is working.

There you have it!   There is so much to learn so if you need help, contact AIMC Business Solutions and get a free consultation!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Why Does Network Marketing Get Such A Bad Rap?

Why does network marketing get such a bad rap?

Here is the definition of network marketing from

Multi-level marketing (MLM), also called pyramid selling,network marketing, and referral marketing, is a controversial, pyramid-shaped marketing strategy where profit is theoretically derived from two revenue streams: from direct sales to customers and from commission based on the sales of recruited team members, also known as down line distributors. MLM salespeople are expected to sell products directly to consumers by means of relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing. They are also incentivized to recruit others to join the company as distributors.

Hmm.... if you were an aspiring entrepreneur and saw this definition, wouldn't you run as far away as possible from this business idea?

Unfortunately that is the perception today with network marketing, internet marketing or whatever you want to call it.

But is it really that bad?   Let's evaluate our options.

Everyone is looking for something today.   Let's be serious, it is the world we are in.

So here are our options.

Corporate America is not trusted and there is no loyality anymore.  Would you be loyal to company giving you a 2% percent raise every year just for busting your butt every day while the executives get all the bonuses?   Probably not.    There is not a corporation in America that shares every profit with every employee today.   If there was one, let me know.  For this reason, everyone is dreaming of that side business to take them away from the rigors of Corporate America.

Starting a Franchise is expensive... very expensive, with little return.  An average McDonalds franchise caps you at $100k earnings per store per year, even after a $1.5 million dollar investment for one franchise store.  And that is on top of the fees and royalties you would have to pay.  Sounds like a great deal, huh?   Not.

How about starting your own business?   Maybe a consulting business, a restaurant, a salon, or a gym?   Like Franchises, you would have to invest a significant amount of money and build a supporting network or organization such as accountants, lawyers, operation manager, marketing, technology, distribution, and maybe a coach to help you put it all together.  And like franchises, for little return.   You want a life?  Forget about it!

How about getting another job?   Didn't you always want to be a bartender at the local bar after a long day at the Corporate office?   Hmm..  let's waste more time for money and little return except dragging out of bed the next morning.  Rock on!

What is left?

You got it.... Network Marketing.

What really is network marketing?
This is my own definition.

Network Marketing a method for marketing a product or service with your network of like-minded professionals.  Network Marketing encourages a team concept where all participating professionals work toward a common goal of financial independence and life satisfaction.

There are thousands of network marketing companies out there.  But which one is best for you.

The first question is what is your passion?   It is health & wellness? technology? energy? travel?

Once you have found your passion, do a simple google search using "network marketing <your passion>" and see what companies appear.

The next task is go to the Better Business Bureau to see how ethical they are.   Do not do a google search about the company, since you may come across disgruntled people that had a bad experience probably since they didn't work the business and thought the business did not work.

After that, search the company on You Tube to get a feel what the company is all about.

At this point, find a contact and then set up a meeting to learn more about the network marketing business with a network marketing professional.   The approach to the business is key to success.

You will find the investment is minimal for the potential that you can achieve with a little hard work.   At the same time, you will be learning on how to run a business, how to interact with people and make a sale and be making money doing it.

A positive mindset and thick skin is important.   You will run into the negative people that have all the answers and call your business a scam.    If the business was scam, it would not in business, right?   Gee, how about companies like Wells Fargo, any insurance company, any company that pushes products that people don't need while executives get all the bonuses?   Now that is a SCAM!

The fear of someone else being successful is one of the reasons why network marketing gets such a bad rap?  Your typical Corporate Joe with his 2% raise is the one telling you your business is a scam.  Obviously, the ones that succeed are the ones that blocks out the negative and focuses on the positive and surrounds themselves with the right people.

So what is your next step?
Evaluate your dreams, your goals, and your future.   Determine your why?  And then how you get there, do your homework,  then get started.   Life is too short to wait!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Why Wealthy Successful People Are Always Learning and the Unsuccessful Are Not

I have recently completed my performance appraisals of my team at my corporate job this week and overall they all went really well, except one.

One employee gave themselves the highest marks for all the competencies they were rated for in the review.   They proceeded to gloat to me how great they are and how they don't need to learn anymore. I tended to disagree and rated this employee not in line with their own reality and the result was an upset dejected employee.    My first question to this employee after they were done gloating, was if they thought they had any development needs and their response was no.   My second question was if they felt they were in the right role in the organization.  The look after my question was priceless. After all, if you are not learning everyday, you become stagnant and bored with your profession,  This person tended to disagree.

As a result of this meeting, it cemented in me, the fact I knew all along, the difference between wealthy successful professionals and the ones that are just getting by.  Generally, the professionals are that are successful in life are the ones that approach every day, always learning something new and focusing on how they can get better.  This employee was apparently happy just getting by.

Listen to Tom Brady of the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots, who after five Super Bowl wins, always look for ways to get better and be more successful at his next game.  Tom is still critical on how he performs and takes it upon himself to take initiative to get better.  What an inspiration for all!

You hear Rich People Read Books.
 Poor People Watch Drama TV.

Rich People look for ways to Invest Money.  Poor People look for ways to Spend Money.

We are an information age and have the capabilities with a simple smart phone to learn anything anytime.   If someone does not realize what they have access to, it is unfortunate to them and they end up poor.

So pick up a great book, inspire yourself, always learn and get rich in knowledge and finances.  You will be successful, guaranteed!

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