Sunday, September 23, 2018

So you WANT to be an Entrepreneur, but are you READY to be an Entrepreneur?

Most people dream of running their own business and not have to deal with the 9-to-5 routine of sitting in a cubicle and taking orders from someone they could care less about. There have been many times they think, why should they work hard to make someone else successful?

Of course, most people stick with the 9-to-5 routine since it is safe (well generally) and familiar. The idea of starting out on their own scares them into thinking what if it doesn't work out. Most 9-to-5 professionals think entrepreneurs are crazy and sometimes think starting a business especially in network marketing is a scam. But they know deep down inside, they are thinking they want a piece of the entrepreneur action.

But how do you know you have what it takes to own your own business and be a successful entrepreneur? After all, 90% of all startup businesses fail. Owning a business is very hard but very rewarding if successful.

The most important skill to start off with is perseverance but there is a lot more questions to ask yourself before you take the plunge from going from employee to entrepreneur.

Here are six questions to ask yourself before investing time in a new business.

1. Do YOU want Ongoing RESIDUAL INCOME?
Unless you are self-employed where you trade time for money, most businesses, especially network marketing businesses, allow you to make money while you are not working. The idea is to be able to build an income that is result of an organization that you built or real estate that you own that provides a regular residual income. Of course everyone is going to answer yes to this question, but let's move onto the other questions to test your entrepreneurial will.

2. What is Your WHY?
This is probably the most important question of the list. Without a why, there is really no goal. Without having a why is like driving down a dark street with your headlights off. Sure, you may see some success but you will not not know why. Before venturing into your own business, why are you doing it? Financial independence? To have a flexible life? To help others? Write it down and put it on the wall of your office or in car. This is your inspiration to be successful.

3. Do YOU have an Entrepreneurial Mindset?
Are you afraid to fail? Are you afraid of the fact you may have no income for a little while when you are in the startup phase? Are you not coachable? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may not have the mindset to be an entrepreneur. Another question to ask yourself is what books you like to read? Do you read business books or fiction books? Do you read books that improve your mindset? If you rather read a Harry Potter book or watch mindless TV, then you do not have an entrepreneur mindset.
Now if you have a strong why, enjoy hanging out with successful positive people and are willing to give up the party to work on your success, you are on your way to an entrepreneurial mindset.

This question is similar to the question about residual income. You create leverage by building an organizational structure or a business structure (in the case of real estate ownership) where you may everyone doing a little for a common goal of building a more successful business. This is how network marketing works where you build an organization where everyone follows a system to build their business. So the question for you is if you are an organizational builder or prefer to be self-employed? Do you want your money to work for you or do you want to work for money? Wealthy people became wealthy because they understood leverage.

5. What are YOU willing to temporarily GIVE UP to get these things?
This is a tough one. Entrepreneurs do not work 9-to-5, they work 24x7. Friday nights may mean working on your business plan versus going to the brewpub. You always need to be on and there is no time to "chill out". There is no "I'll do it tomorrow or next week". You need to give up the mindless activities and focus on activities that will grow you. Your mindset should be on your why and how to create leverage.

6. Are YOU Ready to Make This Happen?
Bottom line, there is no tomorrow or next week. If you want to be successful in the business world, you need to working on it all the time. Every time you take a break, your competition is getting ahead. Of course, you are wondering when can I get my beauty sleep? That is where time leverage comes in, Hint hint.

You are the CEO of your life and you have to have the mindset to create leverage right now or you might as well go back to that 9-to-5 safety net. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Ask yourself if you want to be an entrepreneur, are you ready to be an entrepreneur?

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thursday, August 9, 2018

My Experience with Pharma Medications - and Why Going Natural is the Way for Me

I am very lucky that at nearly 50 years of age that I have not had any real health issues.   It could be a testament to my dedication to working out regularly, taking effective supplements and generally eating the right foods.   I am proud of the fact that for over 27 years consistently I have not missed a week or month from working out except one time when I had to have a gum graft and had to stay low key when it came to exercise.

As mentioned, I have worked out consistently for many years, and remained injury free despite how hard core I work out at the gym.  Finally this summer, I noticed some inflammation in my right wrist and it was a little painful and affected my workouts, especially my bench press and barbell curls exercises.  At first, I thought it was carpal tunnel syndrome, so I got myself a wrist wrap and wore it when using my computer.   The inflammation and pain never really went away after a few weeks so I decided to make an appointment with my PCP to have my wrist checked out.

My doctor is pretty laid back and when I have mentioned in the past how I like the natural way to take care of myself,  you can tell his mind was on other ideas to solve people's health issues.

So my doctor checked out my wrist and before he said "It is not Carpal Tunnel" he prescribed me some NaProxen to take care of the inflammation.   I asked if I should try out some Fish Oils and he said nah that stuff is not that effective.    So, I went with it for now.

The local pharmacy didn't even have any record of me since I have never really taken any medications.   The pharmacist went over the medication with me and how often to take it, and then proceed to mumble all of the side effects for the next three minutes.   She went so fast, I asked her to repeat mentioning the side effects a couple of times.   I was like, yikes....

So I started taking the Naproxen and it started to work after about three days.  My wrist was feeling a little better but it was still not 100%.   What I did notice was a bubbly itchy rash forming on all of my fingers on my left hand.   I thought to myself, I have not been near any poison ivy or anything in months, so what could it be?   A rash started to form on my arm too, so I thought, that's it, stop taking the Naproxen and then see how  this can be treated.  I bought some Cortizone cream, but that did not seem to work so guess what, time to see a doctor again. 

It was late on a Friday, so I decided to go to one of those CVS One-Minute Clinics.  They were fast and efficient.  The nurse practitioner took a look at my rash and said it was definitely eczema and that some Predisone would do the trick.    So I went back to the same pharmacy and now they recognized me and didn't even ask for my picture ID.   Again, they went over how to take the medication and mumbled all of the side effects including suppressing my immune system.  Gee, that is not good.

So I took the Predisone for a few days and the rash quickly went away until one night, I noticed that my throat was closing up.   I took some Benadryl and proceeded into a nice deep sleep.  That was the end of taking Predisone, for sure.   My wrist was feeling better, but I was starting to think that time healed the wound versus these meds.

This is not the end of the story though.
I started to notice my eyes swelling up and you got it, pink eye forming.  Great, I was going on a trip in a week, and I had blotches on my eyes.   I thought, I would have to be Bono on my trip and always wear my shades!   My eyes got worse,  and it was a Saturday, so I decided to go to an urgent care facility in my city.  The nurse practitioner was nice and did my vitals and said I had a bad eye infection in both of my eyes.  It was probably due to my weaken immune system that I was not able to fight off the bacteria that formed in my eyes.   She proceeded to give me some eye drops.

I took the eye drops for a few days and at least the pink in my eyes went away, but then these huge styes formed under my eyes and I noticed every time I used the drops, my eyes would sting like crazy.   I was like WTF, what do I do now.   The redness under my eyes was very noticeable to a point that I cancelled appointments and events for the week and we are days away from my trip to Iceland.

This time I made an appointment with my PCP.  This the third time in 4 months I have seen him.  Before 2017, I have not see a doctor for 6 years and never had a health issue.

I mentioned to him that I think I am allergic to just about every medication so how can I get rid of these styes in my eyes and quickly?   He chuckled and recommended a cream for eye styes and an antibiotic for me to take in case the cream doesn't work.

I started using the cream but still have the styes.  They are getting better and hopefully by the time I hit Reykjavik, I can take some pictures and be in them!

So I think for now, I am going to stick to Omega-3 Fish Oils and some great Isotonix vitamins to maintain my health since pharma medications just causes a ripple effect of spending and new issues.   What if I was taking Fish Oils all along?  Would I have had the wrist inflammation to begin with?  Probably not.  Case Closed, it is known the body is natural and the way you should heal your body should be natural too.   

Now to the local drug recycling center to get rid of these meds and all those damn side effects.

Friday, August 3, 2018

For IT Professionals - Five Things You Can Do To Be Less Of A Jackass

Attention Information Technology Professionals:
First things first, you’re probably acting like a jackass without even realizing it.
Don’t believe me?  IT is generally considered the least favorite department in an organization. You don’t wind up on that list because you’re NOT acting like a jackass.

So, now that we know you’re actions are, less than favorable…how can you be better? Here are 5 tips:

1. Technobabble.

Using a bunch of technobabble will land you on the jackass-list every time. No one cares how smart you are. You talking over someone’s head to prove how smart you are? Jackass! The last time you went to the doctor, did she launch a bunch of medical terminology at you or did she put it in easy-to-understand English? Chances are, she laid it out simply for you. 

If you can’t explain something simply? You don’t understand it well enough. So, if you are trying to talk over someone’s head it means you’re either not as smart as you think you are…or you’re a jackass.

2. Be Nice!

I don’t know why this one is so hard for the IT team. But be nice! I get it, users aren’t as smart as you. And they whine when stuff doesn’t work (and they probably broke it in the first place) and you were up way too late rolling out new patches…but does that give you permission to be a jackass? No! Be nice!

3. Put The Laptop Down.

Maybe this is just a pet peeve, but when I’m having a conversation with someone, the last thing I want them doing? Banging away on their laptop. I don’t care if you’re “taking notes” (PS-I call Bull$&!, you aren’t taking notes).

Bring a pen and notepad if you must, but if I’m talking to you? Have the courtesy to look me in the eye.

4. Mr. (or Ms.) Automatic.

Has there ever been a meeting involving something new where an IT person hasn’t automatically said “no?” Ever? IT is like the Department of NO!

User: “Can we do this?”
IT: “NO!”
User: …but you don’t even know what it is!
IT: “NO!”

Instead of the automatic “no,” find ways to say yes. Find ways to help users move their ideas to something that is both feasible (from a tech perspective) and still accomplishes their goals. Automatically saying no? Makes you a jackass.

5. Bloody Respond To Me!

Yes. You’re busy. But guess what? We’re all bloody busy! If I send you an email, I don’t expect an immediate response…but I do expect a response; and not a month later! If I leave a voicemail? Same rules apply! Ignoring a message doesn’t make something go away. I’ll either work around you or escalate to your boss. Does that make me a jackass? No. You left me no choice.

We’ve gotten a bad reputation in IT…and much of it is well-earned. We need to find ways to reduce our contribution time to tactical firefighting and focus more on strategy. We need to pull ourselves out of the weeds and spend more time with our customers (users!) and enabling them to succeed. 

Friday, July 27, 2018

If You Don't Like Change, Maybe Information Technology is not the Career for You

Information Technology is all about innovation and how technology can help streamline processes and workflows and make it easier to access the information you need to make decisions, learn or simply get the job done.  With the Internet of Things and Robotics, it has also become somewhat of a controversial field with the loss of some jobs and the closing of factories.  But yet, a lot of IT Professionals get stir crazy when they hear the word "Change" whether it affects them directly or the company they work for.

I have a quick story about a manager that had a 1-on-1 meeting with one of his employees recently.
The employee came into the manager's office looking a little stressed about the topics at an all department meeting.  The employee proceeds to ask questions about why the company was bringing in all of this "new"technology and how it will affect the job they were doing.   The employee also recalled the speaker talk about being agile when it comes to project management and then asked what does agile mean.   After a few more topics, the manager was thinking that their employee really has no clue with what is going on in today's ever-changing technology world.   It reminded them of the perception of older technology workers is that they are not interested in learning anything new and the old "this is how we always did it" is a mantra for "if it ain't broke, then don't change it".   I am sure some IT managers can relate to this.

Nothing is further from the truth that saying "This is How We Always Did It" when it comes to Information Technology.   An IT Professional has to adapt to change since what they learned five years ago may not be relevant today.   Companies and businesses change, organizations change and even that database software you have known for over 20 years is going to change.  If the word "Change" scares you, then maybe IT is not the career for you.   

At a lot of older large corporations, you may have a veteran IT staff of professionals that have put in quite a few years doing the same thing day in and day out and have no interest in learning anything new.  I personally have managed teams like this and challenged myself to see it from their perspective and sell the idea that change is good and that they should always be ready to adapt.  One way I have done that is simply mention to them how IT has changed the way we do things anything from how you do your banking, order food at your favorite restaurant or get directions in a town you are not familiar with.   People adapted to and embraced those changes so likewise our company and you as an IT Professional have to be ready for change or else the company and yourself may be out of business.

So put away those Oracle Database Tech Manuals or that Cold Fusion Web Design book and be ready for being in constant learning and adapting mode.  If not, your picture may be placed in the local Computer Museum!

Monday, July 23, 2018

So You are Afraid of Sales and Want Nothing To Do With It? You are Selling All The Time!

The word "Sales" is a terrifying word for most professionals.   The thought that they have to peddle some product or service to some stranger is one of the most terrifying ordeals of anyone's life.   Even worse is if you are forced into old school sales practice such as cold calling or door-to-door sales.  Yikes!  I think I am going to crawl under the nearest boulder and not come out!

Being a sales professional can be one of the most lucrative opportunities you can do.   Some sales professionals, depending on their product or service, can make more money than a doctor, lawyer or even a successful TV personality.   It is one of the hardest professions, but can be one of the most rewarding, especially if you were an introvert and you were "forced" to get out of your shell to make a living.

Sales comes in different formats.

There is direct sales, such as network marketing.     Network marketing is promoting a product or service using your network of contacts.  The marketing process is key since it makes the sales process easier.

There is also inside sales, where you are in the relationship building business and outside sales where you are the hunt for prospects.  There are also account managers, sales support where you are working to keep your current customers happy.

Are you overwhelmed yet?  This is probably why a lot of people avoid getting into sales.  One of the biggest objections I get when recruiting business partners in my business is because the person is terrified of sales!

The reality is that we are all in sales all the time!

Think back when you were a kid and saw this cool toy or candy in the store and wanted it bad.  You proceeded to scream your eyes out at your parents until they budged and ended up buying your favorite toy or candy bar.   You won your first sales challenge!

Also, you were out and about and saw the person of your dreams.   You built up the coverage to talk to them and they next thing you know, you are dating them and then comes marriage and then the family!    If a lot of people were afraid of sales, there would be a lot of single lonely people out there!

Another example, is when you got that big job interview after graduating from a prestigious university and you need to convince your future hiring manager that you are the best professional for the opportunity.  You are in constant selling mode until the big decision is made.

If you think about the three examples I provided from convincing your parents to buy you something, to dating then getting that dream job, the reality is that 95% of us have all had to sell/convince others to get what we want.   We are always convincing someone to give us what we want.   So why does only 5% of us love sales?  I mean really love sales?   Sounds backward to me.   It could be fear or rejection, or we are simply shy.  But even the shyest people get married or interview for a job, so why don't they like to sell?

I will leave my question open-ended since there are a lot of reasons people are afraid of sales.   But the next time you are approached by a sales professional, listen to them since they took the next step to conquer their fears and they probably realized that they have been selling all of their life anyway.

The one tip I will leave to the sales professional, the most important organ is your ear, listen to others and that sales thing will become fun and lucrative!

So you WANT to be an Entrepreneur, but are you READY to be an Entrepreneur?

Most people dream of running their own business and not have to deal with the 9-to-5 routine of sitting in a cubicle and taking orders from...