Friday, September 22, 2017

You are the CEO of Your Life - So What Are You Are Going to Do About It?

Earlier this week, I decided to be a little social at the company cafeteria and sat down with some people I knew.    I figured why not, the cafeteria was serving some BBQ and it would be great to get my mind off of work for a few minutes.    So, I sat down and the conversation started with some small talk, which led to what people did for evening activities after work.   There were six of us sitting at the lunch table so I am sure I would be hearing about some interesting hobbies, maybe about their children's activities or even about a little side gig they are doing.   Not a chance.

The conversation was dominated by news events, TV shows and more TV Shows.    I heard about "The Walking Dead", "The Game of Thrones", "13 Reasons Why" and then more "Game of Thrones".  The excitement and energy over these TV shows was baffling.   Then everyone looked at me wondering why I was so quiet and then proceeded to ask what do I watch on TV.     I answered, well, I don't really watch TV, except maybe Shark Tank or The Profit.  But most of the time, I read books when I am home.    Being nice, one person asked if I was into Science Fiction books.    I said that I was not into Science Fiction and proceeded to mention that some of my favorite authors are Gary Vaynerchuk,  T. Harv Eker and maybe Napoleon Hill.

By now, everyone looked at me like I was some freak show with no life.   I mean, I don't watch "Game of Thrones"?   How lame is that?  One person asked me if Gary Vaynerchuk was some pyramid scheme.

Ok, now I was at a point, that maybe in the future, I will look to spend lunch with a different crew.

You hear these facts all the time.

95% of people work hard to make the other 5% rich.
It is not the size of your TV, it is the size of your Library, that matters
With today's volatile economy, it is more important than ever to have multiple streams of income.

My impression from the TV addicts I sat with is that they basically rely on their company and their boss to dictate their own success and their free time is staying up to date with the most popular TV shows.  After all, what does "Game of Thrones" have to do with investing in a business?  

I didn't have a problem with my lunch colleagues, in fact it was fun and informative.  The time I spend at lunch made me think of how I am a little different from most of my colleagues at work.

So, let's talk about being the CEO of your life.

You are the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your life.   You are 100% responsible for your life; its happiness, its wealth and its health.  Your life is the organization and as such will have different departments such as accounting, marketing or health.   In other words, how you manage your finances, your resume, and your wellness.

Here are some tips to get your own departments in order:

- First, assess who you hang with and who influences you, and make any changes that have nothing to do with what you are working to accomplish.

- Second, what is the purpose of your own life?  Is it to be Rich?  Healthy? Compassionate? or all of the above?   Write it down on your dream board so you stay focused.

- Third, assess how you are spending your time.  Are you spending at least 80-90% of time on result producing activities that work toward your goals as the CEO of yourself?  Build a roadmap toward your goals and stay on track.

Personally, my goal is to not rely on a corporation to reach my goals of financial independence and happiness.    I am working toward my goals by reading the right books, hanging with the right people and spending my time on result producing activities "after work" such as my business ventures.  That is what I am doing about it, how about you?

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Adapt or Die - Why Change is Great for Your Career, Business and Life

You heard it all before, that old saying "This is how it has always been done, it works, why change?".  As an IT professional, it drives me crazy to hear that, since IT is supposed to be all about innovation and adapting to changing technologies and processes.

I would like to provide some examples, how entrenched we are with not changing our habits, our career and generally, the way we do things.   Then, I like to offer a suggestion how to change.

Have you ever noticed that when people go to vote, they select the same candidate over and over again, despite complaining about the state of affairs and how bad the candidate is.  Think Rhode Island politics.   Next time, perhaps research the other candidates and make an educated risk to select someone new.   It may bring the change that is needed in your area.

When people talked about shopping online, Amazon comes to mind first.  Believe or not, there are way better online shopping sites out there, and they don't ding you for that great deal of $99 a year for "free shipping".

Here is a case of a relationship going through the motions.  When a couple is thinking of going out to dinner on a Saturday night and they end up going to the "usual" place where every wait person knows their name.  Eventually, the ravioli may get a little boring.   Check out some websites that can provide some ideas of new new restaurants and/or entertainment venues to mix it up a little and put a spark in that old relationship.

How about a classic, the corporate employee that will not go away.  You have been working at the same job for eight, ten maybe fifteen years, and someone suggests that you attend a networking event or to look at a business idea that might make you more money.  Your first reaction, is that networking events and side businesses are a scam.   Working 9 to 5 is the way to go, why change?  Until that ol' layoff happens.    Change your perspective and listen to ideas and build your network, even if you have been at Fidelity for 50 years in some comfy job with 1% annual raises.

Face it, the world is changing fast.   Real fast.
Technology is eliminating jobs.   Jobs are no longer safe.  Technology professionals have to constantly stay ahead of the curve.  After all, how many C++ programmers are there now that are still working steadily.    Adapt to new technologies or die.

The whole idea of change is to introduce opportunity and a new perspective that can bring great results.    The ones that can adapt to change without thinking it is bad, live on.  The ones that thinks change is bad, die.

So take a different route to work next time, try a new restaurant, shake up that exercise routine and most all adapt to life, since life is changing fast for all of us, and for the better.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

When It Comes to Your Health - It Is All About Love, Nutrition and Exercise - An Inspiration from Max

Recently, we lost our beloved miniature pinscher, Max, after enjoying 15 and half years of his 18 years of life.   Max was our son, our laughter and our guard dog.   After a long day, it was always heartwarming to see his little tail wagging in happiness to see you and then he proceeded to beg for a treat.    Max has provided more memories that will forever be on our minds.

It has been a tough few weeks.    As we broke the news of Max's passing to friends, family and colleagues, the outpouring of sympathy warmed our hearts.   When we mentioned Max's age, that he passed at 18 years old, a sense of amazement and eyes popping our of their heads was a common reaction.    Wow, Max lived 18 years?   The life expectancy of miniature pinschers was around 14 years.   We were always asked, what was our secret to Max's long life?

It was easy.
Love, Nutrition and Exercise.

Love - We were always there for Max and telling him that we loved him and made sure he had all the comforts of home.   We treated Max like gold since he was gold to us.

Nutrition - We rarely gave Max human food.  After all, he is a canine.   We made sure he had his vitamins and ate the best food.   He would have a treat here and there, but we made sure the treats had the nutrition Max needed for a long life

Exercise - Max didn't just sit around.   Until his last week, we took him out for walks every day, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day.  Max has hiked a few short mountains and walked some of our great beaches.   Back in the early days, he would sprint after the squirrels and rabbits in our back yard.

What we learned from caring from Max is how important, love, nutrition and exercise is to personal health.   I know I am stating the obvious, but for some people that are not in the best of health, perhaps something is missing that will help them reach their health and wellness goals.

Here are some ideas to help you focus on the three important aspects of great health.

Love - At AIMC Health Solutions we always stress that positive mindset and determination is the most important part of a health/wellness plan.   First, get rid of any negative influence in your life and focus your energy on the positive influences in your life.   Even if you are totally out of shape and are going to the gym for the first time, congrats to you and hang with people that cheer for you, not hurt you.   You will notice your energy level go up the more you are around positive influences.

Nutrition - It really is all about what you put into your bodies.    You heard that sugar strips your body of nutrients and even causes disease if taken in high doses.   Dairy, alcohol and soft drinks do nothing to help your health.   Yes, milk has calcium, but it is pasteurized calcium, not the real thing.  Focus on food that is naturally produced like fruits and vegetables, and take a vitamin supplement to help closed the gap on your body's daily nutritional needs.    Once you start eliminating sugar and artificial foods out of your diet, you will notice your appearance and general feeling about life to be a lot better.

Exercise - Another important aspect of what AIMC Health Solutions preaches to their clients is fitness and exercise.   You can eat the best foods, take the best vitamins, but if you don't move, you may still have health issues.   A recent study mentioned, that people that sit at a desk all day at their job is worst than smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.    Put together an exercise program with a mix of cardiovascular work, free weights and even yoga and follow it at least three or four days a week.   A little tip is to go for walk after each meal so your body processes your food faster.   The more you exercise, the better you will feel about yourself and reach your health and wellness goals.

Finally, when it is all said and done, focusing on love, nutrition and exercise is what it is all about, so lose the negative nellies, eat small nutritional meals, and get the gym and you will experience some amazing results!

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