Monday, March 4, 2019

Why the Fitness Club is Better Than the Nightclub

It is hard to believe I turned the big 5-0 last month considering how I do not feel old at all and have a zest for life and am excited for what is ahead.   I am involved with a lot of side hustles and run professional networking events in the Boston area and the majority of the attendees are younger and serious about their career and life which is enlightening.  Hanging with so many successful young professionals has had an amazing positive effect on me that I feel like I have just turned 30 instead!

I remember back when I was in my 20s, it was all about partying till 4am at the various nightclubs in Boston, Providence and even the occasional trip to a warm climate.   My colleagues had the day job, then went out till 4am, got up at noon and may hit the gym to sweat out the hangover.   Fitness was important but not the center of life then.  It was all about how hungover you can get.

As I got older, the nightclubs started to close and more fitness clubs were opening.   I remembered a time when Rte. 9 in Framingham was a strip of nightclubs whereas today it is dotted with fitness clubs.   The fitness club was becoming the new nightclub where people congregate, shared workouts and diets and even met their significant other.   I was pretty amazed when I went to the gym on a Friday evening recently and it was packed.  Back in 1995, you went to the gym on a Friday night, you were a loser.

Today, people are healthier than ever.   With yoga, SoulCycle, Crossfit and your basic free weights, it is cool to be into fitness, and not cool to smoke cigarettes.    That is why of all of my business ventures, my health/wellness business is my baby.

So why is the Fitness Club Better Than the Nightclub?

1)  Being active in a Fitness Program is an Investment in Your Health whereas investing in a cocktail at a Nightclub will only result in a headache and oversleeping the next day.   You feel amazing after a workout and are ready to tackle the day.   After a big night out, the only thing you are tackling is your pillow.

2)  People are positive and happy at the gym.  You notice that people encourage you at the gym and smile (well except for those that overdid it with some of  those supplements).   There is no drama at the gym, it is all business.   At a nightclub, it is all about drama.   Well look at her or why is the bartender so slow.   Why are there so many brawls and bad stories at the end of a night out?   Don't see that at a fitness club.

3) Successful people tend to congregate at the gym.    I met a lot of entrepreneurs and forward thinkers at the gym, even on a Friday night.   Refer to #2, nightclubs tend to congregate people that have no direction in life.   It is all about who you  hang with, right?

So hopefully, you will join the fitness revolution and get strong, feel great and look great!   I am rooting for you and want you to think 50 is the new 30 and 60 is the new 40.   It is the best de-aging process there is, so let's rock, at the fitness club.

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