Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Tip for the Aspiring Entrepreneur - It is What You Do In Between The Lines That Counts

I love this time of year in my hometown of Boston, MA.   Of course, the weather goes from those chilly rainy days to that perfect sunny 70-degree day in a flash.   Boston's most famous sporting event The Boston Marathon happens.   Opening Day for our beloved Red Sox is here.  April is truly a great month to be in the Hub.

From a business and entrepreneur's perspective, spring is also a time of new beginnings, a time for reflection and a time for action.     The business plan you did right before the holidays is falling into place, and you are assessing the first quarter of the year, adjusting your goals along the way, so you can march your way toward amazing success.

If you are an entrepreneur, you probably have also read aspiring books and attended sold-out celebrity events and training sessions, in order to learn about positive mindset, business planning and successful strategies.   Some of my personal favorite books are from Gary Vandychuk, T. Harv Eker, Grant Cardone and Daymond John, to name a few.    Amazing amazing entrepreneurs and they don't fool around.  They know what that are doing.

Likewise each uber-successful entrepreneur may hold free training sessions via their own rock star tour that can move into more detailed multi-day trainings at a hotel or conference center in a great location like Las Vegas or Florida.    Robert Kiyosaki, Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank and Grant Cardone are well-known for their training companies and invaluable ways to take your positive mindset and focus and ultimately your business to the next level.

Books are a very small investment of your money and time but can be life-changing.   The multi-day entrepreneur/ business training is much more of a monetary and time investment.  Some cost thousands of dollars which for that budding entrepreneur can clean out their life savings!

I am personally an entrepreneur and have had my own business ventures for the past nine years in addition to a full-time career as an IT Executive.  I have been to celebrity trainings and have read probably a hundred books.  

What I have learned is that you can read all the great books, go to the best trainings that teach you how to be laser-focused and give you all the tools to succeed,  but if you go back to your old routine and don't take action on what you learn, it all goes to waste and you don't grow.

I have seen this happen time and time again.   We all go to this amazing Business Conference in Miami in February.  Everyone is all pumped up to take their business to the next level.  They can't wait to get home and get started.  Right?    By March, they are still saying they will get started next week and another week goes by and nothing.  Back to the same old song and dance.

The biggest tip of all is, it is what you do every single day is the difference between a business stuck in the mud or a business that is accelerating down the highway of success.

This tip does not cost you thousands of dollars or thousands of hours.   Once you learn the skills taught by uber-successful business professionals, make a DAILY action plan and track your progress every single day.    It is what you do between the line that counts, not the number of events you attend or the books you read.

Finally, I encourage you to join entrepreneur groups, go to a celebrity training event an pick up a great book.   Once you complete the, make a daily task list and put it next to your goals and track them every single day.    You will start to notice that every day is like spring in Boston versus fall, and you will be onto that highway to personal success on your own terms.

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