Monday, April 17, 2017

Your Health is a Marathon Not a Sprint - Inspiration from The Boston Marathon

Today, was the 121th running of the most famous marathon in the world, the Boston Marathon.   It is 26.2 miles of hilly terrain through scenic towns and cities from bucolic Hopkinton to the bustling Back Bay section of Boston.

Today's run was especially challenging due to the warm sunny conditions.  The last I heard around 2400 runners got treated for heat exhaustion.    The mantra was #BostonStrong and #oneBoston to help our determined athletes to get through the challenges of the marathon course.   Boston has become closer than ever, especially after the awful events four years ago at the finish line, and it was so amazing seeing everyone come together to cheer the runners on.   Why I love this city so much!

Marathon runners train for Boston, for years and years.  You cannot wake up one day and  decide you are going to run the Boston Marathon.   It starts with the physical aspect of running in all conditions and changing your diet along the way.   Most of all, it is perseverance and positive mindset that determine when you are ready to run 26.2 through the wilds of Metro Boston.   Marathon runners know that it is a marathon that takes years of training and not a sprint.

Like the Boston Marathon, Your Health is like a Marathon, not a Sprint.

My company AIMC Health Solutions focuses on four sectors of health & wellness - Fitness - Supplementation - Diet - Positive Mindset.    In every sector of your health, you need to treat it like a marathon, not a sprint.   I have some great examples below.

Fitness - You know the people that whenever you talk to them, they are like, I am going to start hitting the gym hard next week, and go to the gym on Monday and are at the bar by Friday?   Exercising consistently three or four times a week is essential for great health, positive mindset and the proper digestion of food.   Waiting till tomorrow to exercise is like waiting for those lucky numbers on a lottery ticket.

Supplementation - There is a reason why the label on the vitamin bottle says "Daily Vitamin".   It is because you need to take your vitamins every day!   Our food is not nutritious anymore, therefore why supplements are essential for great health.    Taking vitamins is like a marathon, where you stay healthy for the long haul and not for short periods.

Diet - There are no quick fixes or magic pills to make you lose weight, despite what some companies promise you.    Eating healthy consistently is the long haul.   You do not want to experience a yo-yo diet because that is when you may have health problems.  Eating natural foods light on sugar, dairy and grains is essential for a healthy long life.  There are great resources out there that will teach you how to eat a diet for a marathoner and not a sprinter!

Positive Mindset - Eliminating negative influences over the long haul is probably the most difficult of all.   There are always those people that discourage you from doing anything that would help you.   It is unfortunate, but over time, it is best thing to do to assure great health.    Marathoners hang out with marathoners.   Successful people hang out with successful people.    It is that simple.

In closing, watching the marathon today provided me more inspiration to help others with their health and wellness.    After watching the marathoners push through the vigorous course through the warm temperatures, it made me realize that you can do anything as long as you treat it like a marathon and not a sprint.  It is all about how you finished the race.

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