Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Spring Into Summer - Getting Healthy and Feeling Awesome w/ TLS

AIMC Health Solutions

Introducing Our Spring into Summer Program

Are you ready to feel and look amazing this summer?

AIMC Health Solutions is looking to coach 25 people who are ready to lose unwanted fat by starting a 21-Day TLS Challenge within the next 3 weeks to get healthy and feel amazing as we move into the summer season.

Our program is a lifestyle program, not a diet, so you will be eating real and fresh foods that you can buy right at your local store.  You can exercise either at home or at your local gym.   We will provide you science-based supplementation to support what your body actually needs to optimize your results.   You will also get online education that will take only a short time each week to do.  You can then look forward to losing weight, inches, body fat and bloat, while gaining energy, looking great and feeling better.

To get started, first check out our TLS Weight Loss website at http://www.aimchealthsolutions.com and create a profile.  

Then go to “About TLS” and take a Weight Loss Profile at https://bit.ly/2xMSYUc.   

This will help us understand what the best next steps are to help you feel great and be healthy!  We will schedule some time with you to review results and then get you started!

In the meantime, we also have an overview of our TLS Program via Zoom Online.   Check the AIMC Health Solutions Facebook Page for the next event.

Jeff D. – AIMC Health Solutions

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